Autumn Update

It’s been about 262974 minutes since my last post. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll keep the talking light… I worked at the Manchester NH and Boston MA tattoo conventions and had a great time. A few of those tattoos are posted below along with some of the more exciting tattoos I’ve done over the past 6 months. Skulls, fire, flowers, gravestone art, insects, secret codes, literary homages, personal memories, amulets for strength and more. I tattoo 5 days a week at Lightwave Tattoos in Saugus MA. If you’d like to talk about getting a tattoo from me, please email jebbriley@gmail(dot)com or call the tattoo shop at 781-233-1780. Thank you.

…standing next to my convention banner. Many thanks to my wonderfully talented mother, Joelyn, for making it. If you are interested in a beautiful handmade banner, I can get you in touch with her.


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