Giving thanks.

I’d like to take a moment to give thanks to all of my wonderful clients, friends and co-workers. It’s with your help that I am able to stay constantly motivated and inspired. Speaking of ‘inspiration’, I was able to go out to the SFO Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts this past October. Creative overload. I went to see some friends and help out with the SHIRTS AND DESTROY booth, and the time I spent meeting people, looking at tattoos, drawings and painting and just soaking up the vibe got me super charged-up to come back to the East Coast and make stuff. Thanks to Ryan/SHIRTS AND DESTROY for getting me to go out there and to Heather Bailey/Spider Murphy’s for showing us around and giving us a place to hang out and sleep when hurricane Sandy ruined out flight plans.

Here are a few tattoos and a painting that I’ve done recently. The weird-ass panther painting was for Spencer Scott, who works up at Hobo’s/Congress St. Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH. It was fun getting real loose and trying some new stuff. Thanks bud. The witch/cat/moon, flaming rose and heart/tree were super-fun and I got to get a bit creative: I’d love to do more tattoos like these. The rose tattoos were cover-ups and the lotus flowers are part of a lower-half sleeve that’s about 1 session away from completion.

I still work 5 days a week at Lightwave Tattoos in Saugus, MA. I might be doing a couple conventions this winter/spring so keep an eye out for more info. If you want to keep up to date with my stuff, Instagram is updated rather frequently. My name is “jebbriley” .

Thanks for looking.


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