As of March 15th, I will be doing ‘double duty’ at TWO wonderful tattoo shops. Providence Tattoo in Providence, Rhode Island and Hobo’s Tattoo/Congress St. Tattoo in Portsmouth and Rochester, NH. If you would like to set up an appointment at either location please email me at jebbriley@gmail.com . Many thanks to Natan Alexander for apprenticing me at Lightwave in Saugus. I’ll surely miss the crew and clients there, but I am excited to take this next step. Thank you to Dennis Del Prete at Providence Tattoo and Jason Scott at HOBO’S for inviting me to come work with them.

(If you are a client with unfinished work, please email me and we can figure out a time to finish up. All deposits will be honored.)

Also, I will be tattooing at this years MARITIME TATTOO FESTIVAL in Halifax Nova Scotia, May 18,19 & 20. I’ll be working alongside my HOBO’S coworkers JaySki and Fat Tony Sellers.

ALSO… I will have flash and prints available soon.

Here are a couple new-ish photos. Weird roses, inside jokes, death and The Smiths… Premium fuel for a good tattoo.








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